Appropriate Toys

Choosing safe toys for your pet may be a daunting task, especially if you have recently gotten a new dog or cat. Toys are an important part of our pets' lives. Toys provide environmental enrichment, helping pets fight boredom on a daily basis. However, many toys also pose a safety risk for our pets.

Factors to consider prior to giving a toy to your pet

Although no toy is guaranteed to be safe, there are several factors that may be assessed prior to giving toys to pets.

Size is an important factor when choosing a toy for your pet. A toy that is too small or a toy that has many small parts may be a choking hazard for your pet. Avoid giving your pet a toy that may be easily swallowed or torn apart into small pieces.

Avoid any toys that have linear objects as these are some of the most dangerous items when swallowed.

Supervise your pet when giving them toys until you know their play habits. Some animals are quite gentle with toys, but others tend to tear them apart relatively quickly. Therefore, it is important to watch animals closely to observe their play habits. Do not leave your animal with toys unsupervised until you are confident that your pet is unable to destroy the toys.

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