We have been using Four Paws since the beginning. Dr. Tharp, Dr. Cho, and their staff are the most caring people you will ever intrust your family pet with. They make you feel like you are family from the start. They took amazing care of our dogs, Elvis and Lambeau. Dr. Tharp, Dr. Cho, and their staff went out of their way to make our family feel comfortable when it was time to let our dogs go to that rainbow bridge.

If you are looking for a vet that is honest and caring look no further than Four Paws Animal Hospital.

- Beaulieu Family


The doctors and staff at Four Paws are all outstanding. The team is caring and knowledgeable. They were amazing when we had to put our chocolate lab dowwn...very caring and it helped so much. We bring our 2 new puppies to them for care and wouldn't have it any other way. We trust them and feel like family.

- Amy H.

Four Paws is not just another animal hospital. The staff is ALWAYS so friendly right when you walk in the door. Dr. Ashley alwasy makes both me and my dog feel at home whenever we come. Four Paws is seriously the cleanest vet I have ever stepped foot into. I would recommend Four Paws to anyone!

- Kat W.

I really like Dr. Jaime Cho and the rest of the staff there. Always very welcoming and very friendly. Dr. Cho is great when it come to helping me manage my dogs Addison's disease. She was very knowledgeable about the disease state and explained the how's and why's of the long term treatment that I will need to keep up with so my Pepsi would be able to live a long happy life. I highly recommend Dr. Cho!

- Judy P.

I recentely established care for my 3 year old doberman at Four Paws. The front desk staff went out of theirway to make the visit enjoyable for both of us. Their reassurance made me feel comfortable leaving my dog in their care for most of the day for a procedure. Dr. Cho was personable, knowledgable and the consumate professional. I definitely look forward to relying on her for all of my pet needs!\

- Kimberly W.

Fantastic service!!! The Petsmart Hotel messed up and left me with no options but to scramble and find a place to board my Redbone Coonhoud in 1 hour before I had to catch a flight for a funeral. The office quickly took our dog in, made sure she was well taken care of and received medication and a bath. They are lifesavers and I highly highly recommend them.

-M S.

I have had animals for over 40 years, and have thus been to myraid veterinarians. And I have finally found a practice that gets 5 stars in every category I can think of. First, the office staff is incredible: they are efficient, organized, friendly, and professional. The office is CLEAN: it is the first vet I have EVER been to that doesn't smell like urine somewhere, and I was there at 5 p.m., so it wasn't that it had been cleaned overnight. The Vet Techs know what they're doing and were efficient, professional, and friendly as well. And the veterinarians (I met two of the three!) were simply amazing. My dog required emergency surgery. They were wonderful with him, explained things to me VERY clearly, gave me the costs of all tests and procedures prior to doing them, were thorough in their instructions to me (and provided them in writing!), and called me when they said they would. Every time. I even got a call the third day out to check on how my dog was doing, which I wasn't expecting! (I wish my children had been as well cared for by their doctors when they were young! :-).) I sincerely cannont say enough good things about this practice and will never go anywhere else.

- Ellen W.

We want to thank Dr. Ashley Tharp and the staff at Four Paws. Our dog become extremely sick. Dr. Tharp was extremely knowledgable and took the time to explain the situation. Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to put Sydney to sleep. Both Dr Tharp and her staff were compassionate and walked us through the process with kindness and care. It was a very sad day for our family. Thank you for helping us with this difficult time.

- Pat & Bill Young

I was referred to these wonderful people by a friend who actually works at another vet's office (her aunt raves about them). My dog had a kidney bean sized growth on his face, so I had it checked out by our previous vet. They quoted a ridiculous amount for the removal and neutering (about $900) so I called around and checked out Four Paws @ John's Creek's website. Most other places refused to quote any amount over the phone, but Four Paws gave me a ballpark figure for the procedures.

I was amazed by how the staff was so friendly and helpful, and their prices were WAY more affordable. Michele and Meconya both were patient and answered all my questions by phone, believe me, I had a lot of questions regarding my fur baby's surgery. They even have a new client discount, $25 off your first exam on their website. They also offer dental services, grooming, boarding, and training services.

The vet did a pre-op and post-op briefing and was informative, genuinely concerned, and helped put my mind at ease. I noticed their prices for the same meds cost a lot less than our previous vet's. It's a bit of a drive OTP but so well worth it! Their office is extremely clean which is important, it does NOT smell, and the staff really makes you feel welcome because they genuinely care and want to be there. At our previous vet, my boy was shaking and refused to get out of the car but in an ultimate sign of approval he didn't hesitate to get out at Four Paws for our post op.

Four Paws gets 5 stars from me! Tell them Amy W. referred you!

- Amy Williams

This place was extraordinary! My 3 month old dog broke her distal femur in a freak accident. After looking at lots of reviews I decided to try out 4 paws. The moment I walked in the door, I realized I made the right choice. Their staff was 100 times nicer than my normal vet. 4 Paws said they could do the surgery and it was at a great price too. 4 Paws did it for half the price of all the other quotes I got, and they did an awesome job. My dog's surgery couldn't have gone any better. They called weekly asking how she was. The doctors were extremely helpful, even over the phone (4 paws is about an hour from my house). The two doctors there went to UGA's vet school and Emory, both of which are very prestigious programs. Needless to say, they know their stuff. I really wish this place was closer to my home so I could make them my normal vet. All the other reviews you see on here are 100% accurate. Their office is very clean, their staff is very friendly and helpful, and they go beyond what you would expect. If you need any kind of surgery or just want a new vet, 4 Paws is definitely the place to go.

- Phillip Tyler

I work with an animal rescue group, and thus I spend a great deal of time taking foster dogs into 4 Paws for vetting. The extent of the procedure range from standard vaccinations to in-depth oral surgery to heartworm treatment. I have never had anything short of a 5 star experience at 4 Paws. Dr Tharp is an excellent vet and her front desk staff is always friendly and accommodating. The Vet Techs are really exceptional animal handlers and you can tell they all truly love the animals who are in their care... can you ask for more from a vet hospital????

- Allison P

Dr Tharp is excellent. Listen to your concerns and explain things very clearly. Genuinely concerned about my pets' welfare. The staff is very attentive and get right back to you with any issues or questions.

- Debbie

We love Dr. Tharp! She has been our vet since we got our dog and we would never leave her. Her staff at Four Paws is wonderful. They seem to all really enjoy their job which means a lot. The prices are more than fair. I know my dog is in good hands when I take her to Four Paws.

- Lisa M.

I especially appreciate the doctor taking as much time as needed to explain things in “layman’s terms” so that the patients owner can understand what the exact conditions are and how the handle them the best way possible.

- Sylvia and Geoff Evans

I want you to know how much we appreciate the kind, loving care you gave Oscar and us. During the most painful and heart breaking time all of you were so respectful and considerate. My little man was one of the best parts of my life for almost 15 years.

- Joan Sikes

My dog, Scout, has been a patient at Four Paws Animal Hospital since it opened its doors. The veterinary staff of Four Paws is an exceptionally skilled, efficient, and caring group of professionals. The quality care given to each patient is incomparable to other clinics I've visited.

Our "accidental" acquisition of a second dog, Emmy, gave us the truest insight into the keen medical capabilities and compassion of Dr. Ashley Tharp. Emmy was a stray puppy that was found living alone in the dead of winter. My husband brought her home and the very next day we visited Dr. Ashley at Four Paws. Unfortunately, we learned that she was heartworm positive and would need quick care if she was to fully recover.

Since our family had fallen in love with Emmy, we embarked on the path to treatment. Full of questions and concerns, we communicated constantly with the staff at Four Paws. They patiently answered our many questions and explained our options in detail. Once the course of treatment was agreed upon, the entire staff took a personal interest in Emmy's case, and made us feel very comfortable with their ability to care for her. She has fully recovered and she is enjoying her "new" life thanks to Four Paws Animal Hospital.

I highly recommend Four Paws Animal Hospital to anyone in need of a highly skilled, caring Veterinary Clinic. Their medical standards are second to none and their compassion for animals (and their owners) is apparent during each and every interaction!

- Heather Waring

The doctors at Four Paws never make me feel like I am being rushed. They take the time to discuss any issues or concerns I have with my dogs. They are always accessible and you could tell they really love what they do, and care very much for their patients (both Human and animal!). I feel comfortable with all of the staff and they are always very welcoming. I have been using Dr. Ashley Tharp since I moved to this area 2 years ago, and as a 12 year owner of 3 dogs, this is the best care I have received!

- Rena Cole

I love the personal attention that my Shih-Tzu receives at Four Paws. From the front office staff, to the excellent, knowledgeable veterinarians, everyone is wonderful. I know my furry best friend is in great hands!

- Niki Beenken

Our experience at Four Paws has been wonderful! With a new puppy it is always nerve racking trying to find a vet that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, dependable and friendly––Four Paws fits every single one of those criteria! We are very pleased and highly recommend Four Paws Animal Hospital.

- Jay and Meghan Brown and Puppy Riley Brown

Dr. Ashley and the staff are fantastic. They were wonderfully kind and understanding when we had to put my dog, Alexa, down and go out of their way to work with our great dane, Lucie and her limitations. Our latest "daughter" Molly was welcomed with joy and it is a pleasure to work with each and every one at Four Paws. I am grateful.

- Marlene Auger

Dear Dr. Ashley and Staff,

Our family would like to thank you for your kindness regarding the loss of Shiloh. That was a sad day for our family and you were very gracious to us. Your explanations were clear, concise, and very compassionate. We are sincerely grateful for the care you gave to Shiloh and to us.

Margaret Anne Cargo