MedicalWe offer a comprehensive range of medical services at Four Paws Animal Hospital at Johns Creek for dogs and cats. We offer preventative medical services such as vaccinations, deworming, heartworm and fecal testing to healthy dogs and cats of all ages. A canine annual includes: comprehensive history and physical exam, rabies vaccine, 3 year DHP vaccine, bordatella vaccine, leptospirosis vaccine, heartworm test, and fecal examination. A feline annual includes: comprehensive history and physical exam, rabies vaccine, 3 year FVRCP vaccine, transdermal feline leukemia vaccine, and fecal examination. We also carry the canine influenza vaccine for dogs at high risk for influenza.

MedicalWe can perform complete blood diagnostics in house in the event that your pet is ill or prior to sedation including a complete blood count, blood chemistry profile, and urinalysis. We also perform in house cytology examinations for common skin disorders. We utilize an outside lab for many diagnostic tests also. The lab picks up samples from the hospital daily and we get results within 24–48 hours in most cases. In the event your pet is ill or has an emergency medical condition, we can perform blood tests on site within minutes as well as administer oxygen and intravenous fluid therapy. We also provide hospitalization services for ill but non–critical patients in our hospital. If your pet is too ill to stay at our hospital, we will refer him/her to a convenient 24 hour facility for further care.

MedicalWe offer radiology services including radiography and ultrasound. By providing these services, we can diagnose your pet without having to go to a specialty practice. The most common radiographic services we perform are thoracic (chest), abdominal, and orthopedic x–rays. We can also perform a complete gastrointestinal series with contrast to diagnose a foreign body or obstruction. Ultrasonography is a very useful tool that we use frequently to examine the chest and abdominal cavities of dogs and cats. We can also perform and echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart.

Other medical services offered by Four Paws Animal Hospital include: blood pressure evaluation, feline retroviral testing, fecal examinations, microchipping, and many others. Please ask our doctors or staff if you have any questions regarding our medical services.

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